Log 6 Jan 2008

While the four brave souls tackled Ben Ledi, those more intent in gossiping and strolling up Ben Ann (Kevin, Derek, Noelle, John, Derek, Shirley, Jim, Donald, and Laurence) set off at 10.00am from the car park at Invertrossachs. We quickly overtook another large party, Sauchiehall St and the January sales came briefly to mind, occasionally stopping to enjoy the increasing views on the well-trodden path.

By 11.15 we were on the summit, or was it? We decided that the rock on the south was better for photos so that became the summit. Jim worked hard with the unruly crowd to try for some photographic silhouettes (hopefully to follow soon). We were able to see clearly in most directions with Ben Ledi and neighbours sometimes disappearing into the clouds. It looked as if it would be cold, snowing, and windy on these tops – but we did not care as some fine malts were passed round.

We were soon back at the cars and ready for the Lade Inn that we reached at 1.30pm. After some fine beer and (Shirley’s) chips (eventually) were all set to leave when the Ben Ledi four arrived, so we had to stay for some socialising.  A good start to 2008, long may it continue

As usual the MMC was split on which hill to 'ramble' on Sunday. While the biggest party opted for a warm-up walk up Ben A'an the other smaller party (Malcolm, Fraser, Billy and Koon) went up Ben Ledi. Weather calm to begin with but near the top, it was pretty wild with some whiteout sections and bitterly cold. All bar Fraser made it to the top because he was still recovering from a viral infection but I reckon it's because he was too busy chatting up single female walkers!

Reports by Laurence Archer and Koon Morris