Log 20 July 2008


A surprisingly large group turned up on Sunday for the Mt Keen or Mt Battock walk so there were 10 of us. In the usual MMC style, the group was split into two.

One group (Andy Baker, Bill Parkes, Rhona and Shaun Archer) went with the walk on the programme whilst the other group (Laurence, Jim, Shirley, Koon, Mervyn and Ian (guest of Jim and Shirley) opted for something closer to home.
They climbed a couple of Munros in Glen Lyon, Creag Mhor and Beinn Heasgarnaich. Parked at Kenknock and went west along a landrover track for about 6km before heading NW and scrambled up a gully onto ridge of Sron nan Eun. Summit of Creag Mhor was reached after 3 hours. Wind started to get up and the sun started to hide behind dark clouds making it feel rather wintry. Gloves, hats and every layer possible was pulled on before heading for the next Munro via the col between Creag Mhor and Meall Tionail before going east towards Stob an Fhir-Bhogha where there was a decent path which helped with the steep climb and the strong winds.
The summit of Beinn Heasgarnich was reached 3 hours later (I know...it took us ages!!). Given the 'wintry' conditions on the summit, we didn't stop for long and headed east along undulating boggy grounds and peat hags, we soon hit the road going back to Kenknock.

A refreshing drink was had at the Falls of Dochart before heading home. It turned out to be a fairly long day as they covered about 20 km in 8 hours and didn't get home till about 8 pm.

Bill Parkes had volunteered to co-ordinate events in the absence of Allan Carr who was on holiday.   He reports that the group decided to do Mount Keen from the Queen's Well approach, and that they descended by the route of ascent.   Conditions were wintry and windy, probably slightly more unpleasant than the other group had.

Reports by Koon Morris and Bill Parkes.