Log 8 June 2013

Following discussion on making reports more interesting, Malcolm offers this item, which needs little editing to bring it fully into line with our format.  For the record, and as a guide to future parties contemplating day trips, the walk from the ferry to the pub on the front, including a half hour relax on the summit took 7 hours.


It was a sunny Saturday morning and Phil, Malcolm, their new friend Robert and Fraser their faithful chum were waiting for the ferry to Arran. What an adventure this was going to be! The only one missing was Donald who arrived just in time muttering something about getting up Marylyn from the other side. The others understood this was man-talk and  replied  lamely that they'd like to play on the beach. Fraser  wagged his tail in agreement. "Now listen you lot" replied Donald sternly. "I've a note from Fraser's mistress and it says": "Please make sure Fraser has a good walk. He's been naughty this week, too frisky, and won't do as he's told. Tire him out and make sure he stays away from streams. I don't want his damp coat stinking the house out! Mrs G." At this last bit Fraser dropped his head and looked sad. "Right", continued Donald, "It's the three Bens for you. Off you go!" And so, leaving Donald to take the bus to his mysterious assignation, they set off from Brodick up Glen Rosa and over  Beinn a' Chliabhain, BEINN TARSUINN and Beinn Nuis, pausing only for lunch on Beinn Tarsuinn, where they enjoyed the scrumptious sandwiches  stuffed with their favourite foods, cheese, ham, hard-boiled egg, tomato and strawberry jam, all washed down with lots of Mrs. G's homemade lemonade.
Eventually, on returning to Brodick 7 hours after setting out, they settled on the lawn in front of the milk bar and quenched their thirst with lashings and lashings of real beer. But soon it was time to go for the ferry. Donald had left earlier, having failed to meet the mysterious Marylyn, despite having walked the island from west to east. However, the others were full of joy at their wonderful day. Hooray for the isle of Arran! Hooray for the Famous Five!
Next instalment: Five go mad in the Mountains of Mourne.
Report by Malcolm Hodgins