Log 7 Oct 2012

Iced-up cars and stars twinkling in a clear sky shouted "winter's here" but promised a cracking day to come. We weren't disappointed. Drew (new member), Phil, Kevin, Noelle, Fraser and Malcolm headed for Inverary to climb Beinn Bhuidhe from the head of Glen Shira; reached by a gradually rising bicycle ride along a road that is, thanks to the new windfarm, mostly well surfaced. Once through the forestry, the way led along the SW ridge past many false tops to the summit and grand views all around, from Cruachan in the north west to the Arrochar alps and Ben Lomond in the south east.
After descending the steep SE face, we went over rough ground on to Beinn Chas and finally Clachan Hill before dropping down to the bikes. The highlight was undoubtedly freewheeling back to the cars; speeds of over 30 mph being clocked. Time taken about 8h car to car.
Report by Malcolm Hodgins