Log 6 Oct 2013


Six hill connoisseurs set out from Cocklawfoot, south of Town Yetholm, south of Kelso, south of Edinburgh (for those unfamiliar with the area) at 09:50 and followed tracks and paths further south and upwards to Windy Gyle 619m.  
Windy Gyle lies 5 metres north of the Northumberland boundary thus claiming Donald status as well as being known as Russell’s Cairn and sporting both a Bronze Age fort and 20th century trig pillar.   
The next 4˝ miles were consumed quickly helped by walking mainly on stone flags of the Pennine Way and aided by a warm south-westerly to our backs.   
Visibility to north, south and west had been good but our next objective, The Cheviot 815m, remained stubbornly in clag.  
Navigation was no problem in the vast morass of this plateau since the flags continued to the elevated trig marking the summit.   
The 1˝ mile return to the Pennine Way proper was against a freshening wind with rain.    
Once below the cloud we could pick out our lunch spot, a mountain refuge hut for Way Walkers and Hen Hole climbers.    
Although we didn’t pass through the Hen Hole we did get good views from above of this chasm or gorge which seemed quite out of place in these hills.

A leisurely return to the cars over Auchope Rig completed a 13 mile hike with 730m of ascent, and 3 trig points bagged.   
The connoisseurs agreed that stone flag walking is not the most comfortable method of travel but does speed up the journey over what could have been some tricky terrain.   

Refreshment was taken at The Plough Hotel, Town Yetholm before driving home for our usual welcome at around 19:30.   
If you are still reading this and are at all interested, the connoisseurs comprised Malcolm who added a couple of extra miles to retrieve a forgotten walking pole, Andy who is recovering from a knee op, Roddy, a potential new member, Kevin, Fraser and Donald.
Report by Donald  Irvine