Log 6 Jan 2013

A select group of Kevin, Billy, Phil & Allan assembled at the late time of 9:00 for the first (traditionally easy) walk of the New Year.    Good Wishes were shared between all and the growing light in the sky hinted at better weather than we had had for weeks.

Phil took us all in his car on a quick motorway route to the car park, just past the Tinto Tearoom near Thankerton, north of Tinto Hill.   The clouds had been nearly clear on the journey there but were shrouding the hill in mist.

Tinto hill is now more popular than when I last climbed it about 15 years ago and the paths are now much wider and surfaced in red ash.    It is an easy 3.5 km with good views of the central lowlands when the mists part.    There were many others climbing the hill to walk off the excesses of the Xmas & New Year celebrations and we were even overtaken by a group including a schoolgirl wearing pink wellingtons during a particularly intense discussion!
The large (possibly Neolithic) summit carn surmounted by a map plate loomed into view and wee nips of single malt from hip flasks were consumed with our sandwiches.

There was a cold damp wind from the south so descent was via the same route then onward to Lanark to look for a comfortable hostelry.   We found a welcome open fire in the Crown Tavern returning home at about 16:30 feeling much better for the exercise.
Report by Allan Carr