Log 5 Dec 2010


The lay-a-bed crowd (Allan, Kevin, Malcolm) arrived at Glengoyne distillery about 9:30am to make a direct ascent of the south face of Dumgoyne followed by descent to the North by the gully that bounds "Jimmy's arete". Having traversed the peak, Kevin descended for home, while Allan and Malcolm headed into the icy wilderness towards Earl's seat.
They arrived back at the car at sunset. A brief stop was made for refreshments at the Kirkhouse Inn.

There had been much soul searching about the wisdom of driving up the A9, and also about the possibility of trying anything on the north face of the Campsies, with road conditions, parking problems, and unstable snow on the hills.  
In the end, the above report has to be the official account of club activities.
Koon and her friend Eileen did drive to Luss and did the horseshoe walk from there in good clear conditions, but extreme cold.  

Derek McGaw had tried to dig his car out in time to join the Dumgoyne party, but took too long, so walked above Milton of Campsie, where he reported avalanches on the steep slopes, and a tree which had clearly been struck by lightning, with debris on top of the snow.
Report by Malcolm Hodgins