Log 4 July 2010


Dave K, Billy McI and Kevin turned up at car park for a 7am kick off to Dalwhinnie...
However, due to appalling weather forecast i.e. High winds reaching 70+mph, rain and low cloud cover it was quickly decided that an alternative was necessary.
As Kevin was co-ordinating, he suggested BEINN CHAORACH from Glen Fruin which would give us a couple of hours on the hills and allow us to get thoroughly soaked in the process.

Parked car at NS 2750 9045 just north of Auchengaich and headed up track to reservoir at 8:15 and then took a NE bearing to summit.  Very wet, windy (50+mph) and poor visibility.
As Andrew Dempster comments in his book 'The Grahams'..' The view from here on a clear day must be quite magnificent but the author was accompanied only by low cloud and sheep so any glorious vistas must remain in the imagination'

Back at car by 10:30 and home by the back of 11:00 for a late breakfast followed by the Wimbledon final.

No photographs of wind, mist and rain available at time of reporting

Report by Kevin Murray