Log 30 Oct 2016

LAKE DISTRICT WEEKEND   28-30 October 2016
Six members attended.  John, Donald and Fraser travelled down on Friday morning with Steve, Dave and Kevin following on Friday evening.

YHA Borrowdale was booked at Rosthwaite near the head of Borrowdale, ideally situated for easy access to all the main mountains in the area.   The hostel also had a well stocked bar (not so well stocked after Sat night) and provided excellent evening meals.

Donald, John and Fraser climbed Blencathra.   We parked at the White Horse inn, where walkers are welcome to use the car park.   Beautiful sunny day with clear visibility all round.    At the foot of the crags where walkers ascend to do Sharp Edge, Fraser spit off to test his fitness by heading for the watershed, and then turning back over Mungrisedale Moor for the summit.  He met up with the others as all three approached the summit.  John and Donald had found the route slightly slippery but otherwise fine. They were slightly delayed when another person found the crag too daunting and had to be helped onto an alternative route for the summit.   She did reach the summit later.  Descent was by the splendid ridge over Scales Fell to the pub, apart from Donald who took the next ‘more interesting’ ridge down.  Sitting in the sun for a drink at this time of year was a real bonus, before heading to Keswick for fish and chips.
Steve, Dave, and Kevin drove down later and also had fish suppers in Keswick.

Kevin and Steve left Borrowdale YH at 09:30 following the road to Seathwaite and from there the track south to Sty Head.   Took a wrong turn near the stretcher point and headed towards Wasdale instead of Sprinkling Tarn. Retraced footsteps costing us 30 minutes in time. 
On reaching Sprinkling Tarn followed track SE to Esk Hause and then west to summit of Great End.   From Great End we headed back to Esk Hause and north to Allen Crags, Glaramara, Combe Head, Raven Crag, Thornythwaite Fell arriving back at YH in the dark by 18:30.
Donald and Fraser used the Cumbrian Way path northwards towards Cat bells, stopping at the Borrowdale Gate hotel for coffee and scones en route.  Catbells is so popular that steps have been taken to restrict access to two marked paths on that side, and we took the long route to the path following the ridge from the north.   Work was in progress to improve the path, but the rock was exposed for long stretches, and as it was damp and slippery, several people were seen to fall.  Once past Catbells, the crowds  were left behind and we had a quiet lunch on Maiden Moor.   Although misty, there was never more than light drizzle, and visibility was intermittently good.  The walk to High Spy was pleasant, and we then went down  by old mine workings.   Never lost all day, we did lose each other on the way down, where there were other groups of people moving at varying speeds.  Questioning did establish that we were both heading down to ‘the first pub we could find.’  An excellent day of about 7 hours.     
Dave and John initially set with the intentions of climbing Corvus (D) a classic rock climb on Raven Crag. The weather was misty on setting off and deteriorated into a light drizzle.  On reaching the start of the climb we found three RAF mountain rescue personnel just starting the same route and were moving very cautiously up a wet damp slab.
As weather was not improving we decided to abandon our rock climb and to climb Glaramara instead.   We then carried on South to Allen Crags before dropping down to Esk Hause and returning to the hostel via Stockley Bridge and Seathwaite.  Total time taken 7.5hrs

Donald, John and Fraser climbed Skiddaw, walking up through cloud to be rewarded by sunshine on the summit, looking out over a sea of cloud with all the higher tops poking through.  About 3.5 hours of walking and then a straight drive home.

Dave, Steve and Kevin climbed Blencathra via Sharp Edge.   Weather was good and clear though Sharp Edge was slippy in places but causing no problems.   Return was made from summit via Scales Fell arriving back conveniently at White Horse Inn. Total time taken 3.75 hrs.
Thanks to Dave for making the arrangements for an excellent weekend.
Report built round Dave Kingswood’s outline, with contributions from other members