Log 30 May 2010


Five club stalwarts (Andy, Billy, Fraser, Kevin & Laurence -
Donald was in Lancashire and had offered to meet us in Sedburgh if we went south) showed up and instead of conducting a cross-border raid to Cumbria decided to follow

Fraser's suggestion of trying new territory for the club, starting in the Afton Valley south of New Cumnock.

Parking near Blackcraig Farm, we had a gentle ascent with overcast skies but good visibility, reaching the summit of Blackcraig Hill (700m) where the wind was bracing.   
Continuing on to Blacklorg Hill (681m) with impressive views all around, including several wind farms of varying sizes, we then decided on making a short day of it rather than including Windy Standard.

We headed down past Cannock Hill towards the Afton Reservoir, and ate our sandwiches lounging in the sun at the dam.   A gentle stroll down the valley took us back to the car, pleasantly exercised and unusually dry.

On the way back we sought a suitable watering hole but had to wait until the Fenwick Hotel.   Sadly we didn't try "one of the finest restaurants in the area makes this a popular choice, the wooden floor, large picture windows draped with Ayrshire Tartan and crisp white linen and the fine glassware", but we did sample the lively Sunday afternoon atmosphere of the bar which, although lacking some of the finer Scottish beers, did offer an exciting coffee and shortbread.

Time for this walk was a leisurely 4 hours 30 minutes

Report by Andy Baker