Log 30 March 2013


Derek McGaw, Fraser, Allan, Kevin and Ron left the station car park a little after 09:00 in one car, and were ready to walk from the lay-by near the Loch Earn boat club by 11:00.    Weather was beautifully sunny, and there was only a gentle breeze as we set off up the muddy cart track through the wood on the north side of the road.   Quite soon there was evidence of recent snowfall, and as we headed up from the track to the crags below the summit of CREAG EACH the going was increasingly through soft snow with some fine ice architecture on rocky outcrops.   Lunch was taken below one of the last crags, with fine views out to the south.  One final flounder through a snow filled gully took us to the summit area, whence views to the north of the sunlit Ben Lawers range made a backdrop for some photographs.    We then continued north over snow covered ground, some well frozen and icy, other areas with soft drifts.   Due to the late start and the heavier going, we decided to use the track in the glen back to the cars rather than attempt to take in a second hill.   Time taken for the circuit was 4 hours and thirty minutes.

Good news for Kevin was that as we washed our boots at the loch side, he was presented with a magnificent freshly caught trout by a fisherman.

Bad news followed when we emerged from the Lade Inn to discover that Derek's car refused to start even with push starts and jump leads.   Better things  followed when we waited for AA assistance in the Lade Inn and sampled their soup and more of their ales.

Back in Milngavie at 20:00
Report by Fraser Gold