Log 30 Dec 2012

Fraser, Billy and Donald drove down to Wanlockhead at 09:00, and were walking by 10:40.   Despite doubts about the weather, and pouring rain in Milngavie, conditions were dry all day and visibility very clear, with wind farms and open country in various directions bathed in sunshine.   Even the wind was less troublesome than forecast, but very cold. 
Conditions thus allowed us to walk on a variety of terrain; the tarmac road up to the communication masts, sections of the Southern Upland way, other green paths and open moorland.   Donald and Billy diverted to take in EAST MOUNT LOWTHER with its viewfinder, while Fraser headed up to LOWTHER HILL more directly, soon meeting up with Alex and his dogs, and they walked up to GREEN LOWTHER together.  Once all four had met up and discussed strategy for the end of the walk (pub etc), various routes down were undertaken, and all met up at Fraser’s car at 13:30.
Alex, by arrangement, had driven down much earlier to Glenochar on the A702, and, setting off at 08:00, traversed the entire range, which sports no fewer than five Donalds – LOWSIE WOOD LAW, DUN LAW, DUNGRAIN LAW (Donald top?), GREEN LOWTHER, LOWTHER HILL and  EAST MOUNT LOWTHER.
Donald and Billy then looked after Alex’s dogs while Fraser drove him to pick up his car, and all then resorted to the Wanlochhead Inn, which Donald’s researches confirmed had been reopened.   Elaine’s Bar had a welcoming log fire, sufficient liquid to refresh us, and an invitation to come back soon.   All in all an excellent winter walk and worth the three year wait to actually carry it out.
Report by Fraser Gold