Log 29 Aug 2010


We left the Car Park shortly after 7:05 am and headed to Kinlochleven with Kevin, Shaun and Drew (Guest) in one car and Jim, Shirley, Fraser and Ian G in second car.   Drew and Ian drove.  
We parked at Mamore Lodge and started the walk just before 09:30, heading out towards Sgurr Eilde Mor with plans to complete Binnein Beag, Binnein Mor and Na Gruagaichean thereafter.
After a few miles Kevin headed off to take in a Corbett and the remaining six continued to the top of Sgurr Eilde Mor via the south ridge, reaching the top at around 12:00. The weather at the top was rain/sleet/sunshine showers with a cold wind. Typical Scottish summer!   
We descended to the east down a well eroded path and headed for Binnein Beag reaching the top at 2:00, with the weather remaining changeable.   The tops were, however, clear of any cloud.
After the second Munro Fraser returned by the outward route and climbed the Top of Sgor Eilde Beag with the remainder of party moving swiftly (or not) to Binnein Mor.
The top was reached at 3:45 via the gentler but longer North ridge.   
The weather had now greatly improved and the rest of the day was enjoyed in full sunshine with barely any cloud.   It did remain cold where exposed to the wind.  
The last of any food was enjoyed before the walk along the ridge to Na Gruagaichean , arriving at 4:50.   
We then descended into the Coire to join the stalkers path and back to Mamore Lodge, arriving at 6:45 where we were quickly eaten alive by midges.   
After a long hard day drinks were enjoyed at The Bridge of Orchy Hotel before returning to Milngavie at approx 9:45.   
Approx 11 miles and 1,700m of ascent.

Report by Ian Gilmour

P.S. from Fraser.  
I would probably have been better going from Binnean Mor down to the top of Sgur Eilde Beag, as the direct slog up from the lowest point of the path was around as much ascent as the others did, but very steep and trackless.  
For information, the "cross roads" of paths below Sgur Eilde Mor would have given access to a good path leading up to the lowest point of the ridge joining Binnean Mor and the lower top.  
From the summit of Sgur Eilde Beag the rounded ridge southwards leads to a red cairn marking the start of a lovely clean zigzag path down to the main track.   
Neither path is marked on the O.S. map but the zigzag is mentioned in the Munro guide book   
From there, the walk out is long and the surface much rougher and wetter.  
(We hadn't minded on the way out in the morning.)