Log 28 Dec 2013

Fraser, Malcolm, Kevin and Sue set off from Milngavie Station car park shortly after 10:00 for the Queen’s View car park where they met up with Noelle and Keith, who were dropped off by son Peter.
Conditions for walking were good, with clear visibility and high cloud or blue sky in the cold fresh wind.   Under foot was wet but not difficult, and we soon reached the trig point.    A short discussion led us to decide, rather than go down to the Whangie direct, we would continue on the high ground to enjoy the views and descend in the direction of the small reservoir, then contour round to the rocks.   When we got there, we found Malcolm smiling down upon us from a rocky gallery, so we retraced our steps and found the less obvious path into the cleft in the cliff.   Once reunited we opened drams and cakes, only to be joined by our friendly GP, who on this occasion was happy to accept medication from us.    Just as we were reaching the car park, rain started and was to become heavy and prolonged, so a hasty shuttle service was organised to take us all to the comfort of the Carbeth Inn.
Noelle and Keith opted to walk back to Milngavie, while the others returned by car and were home by 15:00.
Report by Fraser Gold