Log 28 Dec 2008


11 members, 10 guests (sons, fathers and Shirley's 'Gin Brigade') ranging in ages from 13 to 75 and 2 dogs turned out for the Club's Christmas 2008 walk on the 28th December 2008. On a frosty morning, they set off together from the west end of Carron Valley reservoir opposite Todholes to meander up Meikle Bin. 

The pace was quickened when it was noticed that a party (we believe a rambling not a mountaineering club!) was noted to be alighting from a 52 seater bus!. The frost covered top was soon reached where Shirley's father was waiting to welcome us.  Unfortunately though the top was clear of cloud, its general level was too low to appreciate the superb east-to-west coast vista across the Central Belt.

After a brief stop for refuelling, the promise of a unified walk was broken and in true club style of recent years, various parties went their own ways. Some returned by the route of ascent , 3hrs 20mins; some went over the top to pick up the circular route (see 'One hundred Hill Walks around Glasgow'), 3hrs 50mins and while some others variously described by the remainder as hardier, 'toppists' or fitness fanatics, strode off to reach Lecket Hill and some other measured tops returning by the River Carron, 4hrs 30mins.

Most met to swap the day's exploits, catch up on Christmas gossip and generally enjoy each other's company over every athlete's essential, fluid replacement, in The Fintry Inn.

Report by Jim McKenzie