Log 27 Feb 2016

BEN CRUACHAN and STOB DIAMH - Saturday 27 Feb 2016
What a day!  Scotland at its best - Blue sky, sunshine and deep snow!   
Eight of us (Kevin, Dave, Rob, John, Noelle, Steve, Fiona and myself) set off from the power station at sea level all the way up to 1126m.  
We went clockwise, up by the dam and up and up to the summit of Cruachan where we were rewarded by magnificient views through 360 degrees - mountain after mountain covered in snow and gleaming in the sunshine. 
Being near the west coast, the views included the islands too.  From this first top we split into two groups, the fast, fit group and the older (though not Dave - he was with the fast fit group) following. 
Our day continued along the tops to Stob Diamh rejoicing in a perfect day.

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Report by Eunice Coop