Log 27 Dec 2010


The programme indicated that Ben Ledi would be the destination, but there was little chance of making that, despite the previous days having been dry and cold, providing a very appealing prospect.†
Freezing rain overnight put paid to that.†† Fraser and Kevin met at the car park, and opted for something local, intending that to mean The Whangie.†† Malcolm also appeared, but only to wave us off.†† Police were attending to a large Rover which had come off the road at the Baljaffray roundabout, and advised against going any further, so we drove back to Crawford Road and did a round past Mugdock Castle, Craigend Castle, Carbeth Loch and the West Highland Way home.††
Underfoot was a mix of quite soft wet snow over ice and sheet ice, making the walk as tiring as a day on the hills.†† The last section was accompanied by rain, but a pleasant break for lunch was still possible, enhanced by a little malt.†† Further refreshment in the form of crisps and malt tasting was enjoyed at Fraserí house.

What a way to end the year, but it did set a record of a club walk starting less than a mile from Milngavie Post Office.
Report by Fraser Gold