Log 27 April 2008


Eight members turned out to climb hills in Glen Lyon despite a fuel shortage with many petrol stations closed for lack of fuel due to a strike at Grangemouth refinery.

The programme listed Sron a Choire Chnapanach but Billy wanted to climb something bigger than a Corbett so he proposed 4 Munros east of the hill on the programme but still in Glen Lyon.
Billy, Koon, Laurence & Shaun climbed the 4 Munros. Carn Gorm, Meall Garbh, Carn Mairg & Creag Mhor.
Sron a Choire Chnapanich can be combined with either another Corbett, Meall Buidhe or a Munro, Stuchd an Lochain.

Derek Hall & Kevin decided to climb Meall Buidhe then Sron a Choire Chnapanich in a clockwise walk starting at the Loch Lyon dam & finishing at Pubil.
Fraser and I walked in an anti-clockwise direction starting from Pubil and Sron a Choire Chnapanich with the option of continuing to Meall Buidhe.
After dropping off Derek Hall & Kevin at the dam I parked my car at Pubil at NN 46294 41921. The track up the hill has been blocked and a diversion starts 250m E at NN 46537 41951, do not be deterred by the closed gates and cattle grid.
Walked up zigzag track to small dam on Allt Phubuill then set off N uphill to the summit of Sròn a' Choire Chnapanich at NN 45607 45302.
Good weather. Although the wind could be cold there was bright sunshine which was hot out of the wind. Good views of Glencoe, Aonach Eagach, The Ben & Carn Mor Dearg arete and Loch an Daimh
Fraser wanted to climb Meall Buidhe if there was sufficient time left so we descended SW into Creag a Chaorainn col. I decided to return slowly to the car however the Allt Phubuill is full of peat hags (not a recommended route).
Fraser met Derek & Kevin at the col SE of Meall Buidhe & they decided to return to the car at Pubil.

I returned to Allt Phubuill dam at NN 45787 42984 and examined sluices and pipe feeding water to hydro plant at Cashlie, before descending on track to the car.
Fraser, Kevin and Derek arrived back at about 4:30pm

We drove S over the Pubil to Kenknock / Glen Lochay road. This road has many deep potholes, sheep & highland cattle requiring slow progress at times. We all met up at the Dochart falls bar at Killin. It was named the Salmon Lie & the Salmon Leap but now has a stuffed granny on a rocking chair next to the open fire. Candle lighting completed the old-world theme.
Everyone enjoyed the walks but a few may suffer from an excess of sunshine in an otherwise wet month. 

Report by Allan Carr.