Log 26 Oct 2008


Sunday 26 October 2008 saw a respite in the storm conditions of the weekend. Anxious observation of the MWIS site over the preceding days did not augur well for Sundayís trip but the Gods smiled upon us with favourable conditions of sunny but cold conditions for the South Eastern Highlands.
We also received a bonus in the form of an extra hour in bed (if you will) with the changeover from BST!
07:00 hrs at the car park saw Koon, Noelle, Jim and Shirley McK, Iain W., all with bikes and Donald without as it were. The 5 'bikers' decided to go for Carn a Chlamain as per the programme and Donald was going for a 'Graham' just outside of Pitlochry.
The Bikers parked at the Old bridge of Tilt car park after dropping Donald off at Pitlochry and agreeing a rendezvous at the Moulin hotel.
The bikers reckoned Donaldís walk would only be a short one given the proximity of the Moulin Hotel.................!!
We proceeded up Glen Tilt in fine form stopping at Gilbertís bridge for photos and to admire the scenery which was quite breathtaking. The autumn colours are simply stunning this year, better than I ever remember them. Deciduous trees provided a backdrop for the fast flowing River Tilt.
We cycled up past Marble Lodge and abandoned the bikes at the foot of the South West ridge of Carn a Chlamain. A steady plod took us in short time to what can only be described as a vehicle track which ran effectively to the summit of the mountain. Showers came and went but the strength of the wind on the summit cone was so great that we were blown to the ground. Shirley was lifted off her feet by the wind and landed on her elbow causing a good deal of pain and some concern among the rest of the party.† The strength of the wind caused us to revise our original decision which was to walk the horseshoe of Carn a Chlamain back to the bikes and after hurriedly grabbing a sandwich and toasting the summit with some Bowmore Malt, we about tailed and proceeded downhill in misty conditions which eventually became light snow showers.
Rather than face what would now be an uphill pull on the outward bike run, we opted to take the lower path back to the car. This runs along the river for most of the way and we were able to further savour the delights of the autumn colours along what is one of Scotlandís most scenic rivers.
We concluded our day with a celebratory pint at the Moulin Hotel.

Report by Iain Wilson