Log 26 Mar 2019

GLASGOW / LANCASTER AND MMC ULLAPOOL long weekend - 22-26 March 2019  
Day 1 Friday 22/03/19.  Alex, Nick and Rob drove to Ullapool.  Continual rain to Inverness but brightened on Ullapool Road. A quick ascent of Meall Doire Faid (G) from Braemore Junction, in sunshine, showers and high winds.  Great expansive views on top, in bright sun, of Beinn Dearg group, Fannichs and An Teallach.  Less than 3 hours.  Met Jon Moss, on our descent, on his way up Beinn Enaiglair. That evening met Jon, the 3 Lancastrians, and were also joined by Noelle.
Day 2 Saturday 23/03/19.  Alex, Nick , Rob and Noelle. Cul Mor (C).  Easy start on the stalkers path.  Increasing wind, with booming wind on the shoulder before the steep boulder field.  Initially thought we might try and do the round of both Cul Mor and Beag but the strength of the wind stopped us all.  Walked back out in bright sunshine. 4 hours but felt a lot longer. The others walked up Canisp.
Day 3 Sunday 24/03/19.  All 8 of us as this was the windiest day forecast.  Beinn Ghoblach (G) and Cnoc a'Bhaid-rallaich (M).  We got to parking spot at Badrallach and waited for 10 minutes during driving hailstones.   Started off on the coastal path to Scorrie, a stiff pull into the corrie and then onto the left top.  Great coastal views of the Summer Isles.  Witches tresses, on both the waterfalls and Noelle's hair, in the wind.  Massive winds on the shoulder before the main top so Noelle and I linked hands and poles.  Brief respite at the windbreak for lunch.  Then down to lochan and up the Marilyn in bright sunshine.  5 1/2 hours making the best of the massive winds.
Day 4.  Monday 25/03/19.  Alex, Nick and Rob. Original intention was Quinaig but low cloud covered the three tops, so settled on Canisp (C) as an easier walk.  A boggy path quickly becomes a stony path and a very steady slow incline to the windshelter on the top.  A little snow on top so even had to kick steps for about 10m.  Descended same way as we were in low cloud with no viz on top.  An easy 4 hours.  Jon ascended Breabag and Andy and Iain ascended Ben More Assynt and Conival.  Hugh did a low level walk. 
Day 5 Tuesday 26/03/19.  Creag Dubh Newtonmore (G).  Alex, Nick and Rob on way home. Followed the WH instructions. Saw red kites on way there, heard tawny owl screech in the forest and saw a herd of wild goats on the way back down. Ghastly steep grind onto ridge. Very windy.  Good views into Glen Banchor, Monadhliath hills and Loch laggan. Excellent path out.  Less than 3 hours.

An excellent long weekend making the most of the high winds.  The next Glasgow / Lancaster and MMC meeting will be Lochailort, in March 2020.
Report by Alex Maclennan