Log 24 May 2013


Fraser, Kevin, Ron and Robert Wight (prospective new member) assembled at 07:00 on a fine morning and went off in one car to the car park at the head of Glen Esk.    
Ron and Robert set off at 10:00 for MOUNT KEEN, reaching their summit at 12:15.  
Fraser and Kevin set off a few minutes later for HUNT HILL.   Although tucked away beyond Loch Lee, this is a fine hill, approached as we did by a path rising from a picturesque corrie, hugging by a series of waterfalls, and ultimately rising from a narrow defile onto heathery and peaty (boggy) moorland whence a northward course led to the summit a couple minutes after 13:00.  A white pebble appeared to be marking a higher point than the quartzite summit cairn.

Views for both parties were exceptional, looking to Lochnagar and the snow clad Cairngorm main massif.   The Mount Keen pair had no option but to return by the ascent track, but Fraser and Kevin continued on northwards to descend where Fraser had read there was a narrow footbridge.  This turned out to be an elevated single iron girder with a warning notice from the estate to use it at own risk.  Both walks took about 5 hours 30 minutes.

Mount Keen was very heavily visited that day, but Hunt Hill itself was very quiet; two people some distance behind were never spotted after the approach to the summit.   In the glen and by the loch side, there were fishermen, and various groups of people sunning themselves and picnicking.

It was a great day for adders, out sunning themselves.  Kevin managed to photograph one by the main track, and Fraser and Robert both nearly trod on others.  Descending from Hunt Hill lizards were noted scurrying about, and Robert and Ron found a slow worm very near the car park.   Many birds but no eagles to-day, and remarkably for a shooting estate, the only deer spotted was crossing the road ahead as we drove homewards.

Refreshment stop at the Panmure Arms in Edzell, and a token stop at the Tuck Inn for a massive fruit scone by Fraser almost saw us never getting home at all as the boys could not take their eyes off the vintage Rileys parked at the hotel.
Report by Fraser Gold