Log 24 Mar 2012

Magnificent weather!
7am Sat 24th
Alex and Noelle set out from Dumbarton for Glen Nevis and the Ring of Steall.   They left Achriabhac at approx 9:45am and ascended SGURR A’MHAIM, along Devils Ridge to SGOR AN IUBHAIR.   A wee detour to Stob Coire na h-Eirghe and a bit of sunbathing then east to AM BODACH. Finally heading north over AN GHARBHANACH, Angels Ridge (even better scrambling than Devils ridge) and AN GEARANACH,  descending to Steall bridge, down the path beside Water of Nevis to car park and along the road to starting  point. 8 ½ hours of bliss!
 8:15am Sun 25th
Alex and Noelle drove round to Spean Bridge and took the road via Coirechoille to the carpark at  Lairaig Leacach and started walking at approx 9am. Having paid their respects with the wee Minister (photos to come!) they continued to CRUACH INNSE, more sunbathing, then down to the col and up to SGURR INNSE.. After a serious amount of sunbathing they searched for a definite path off the SW ridge but to no avail and so decided to return as per their ascent back to the col between the Innses. On account of the perfect weather they continued along the Lairaig Leacach to the bothy and then ascended STOB BAN via its NE ridge. They made a steep descent north off Stob Ban and then east down the headwall with a beautiful glissade down the only decent patch of snow over the whole 2 days. Some serious sunbathing and snoring (it wasn’t me) before the bothy and finally a long walk out to the wee minister and the joy (for weary feet) of reaching the car. 8 hours of bliss!
Report by Noelle Ryan

Fraser and Allan drove up later on the Saturday and parked by the north shore of Loch Leven at NN096604 and had lunch in the sunshine before taking a leisurely walk up the path which heads towards the West Highland Way, then from its highest point  west to TOM MEADHOIN.   Views were magnificent towards Glencoe, down to the loch and out west etc.   A cooling breeze on the high ground was welcome.  Time taken was 3 hours 30 minutes.

On Sunday Allan took the tourist path towards Ben Nevis as far as the lochan and enjoyed the sunshine.   Fraser drove to Glen Roy and as far as Achavady, and headed up LEANA MHOR.   The track and then the managed heather slopes made this an easy ascent in under an hour and a half.  Keeping to the high ground to get views down into the Great Glen as far as Coire Ceirsle seemed a reasonable thing to do to fill the day.   A new boundary fence to the north of the highest ground was followed for some distance in the hope that alongside or where four wheel drive vehicles had been during construction might make for easier going across the endless peat haggs, but this was only occasionally useful.   It was worth it for the views (although hazier than yesterday) and for the sight of two large groups of stags.  Descent towards the path on the ridge above Coire Ionndrainn was also slowed by peat bogs.  A cooling breeze along the tops was welcome, as down in the glen the temperature was 25C or above.   Time taken was 4 hours 45 minutes. 
An excellent weekend in a remarkably quiet but very comfortable hostel.
Report by Fraser Gold