Log 23 July 2016

Beinn Mheadhoineach (not Aonach Eagach)  - Saturday 23 July 2016
The famous Glencoe round was tentatively on the programme, and we had an enquiry from a potential new member, so Andy Buchan was on hand to go with anyone wanting to do that. 
In the event a polite email from our potential member was received, and Kevin and Fraser wanted a ‘shorter’ day, so the three of us drove up beyond the Connell ferry and parked at NM 985 367 to tackle BEINN MHEADHOINEACH.  

We followed the very indistinct path mentioned in the original Grahams) book and the more recent SMC guide to The Grahams & the Donalds. 
This was wet and uncomfortable, but we duly found a small cairn where the path drops down to the fording point at the end of the natural woodland. 
All guide books indicate that this could be difficult, and is the only possible crossing point between extensive ravines.  
We found a totally new bridge with a new vehicle track descending from the track which starts at the gate where we parked. 
This detail is included for any readers who may wish to visit these hills.   Much faster walking and guaranteed access.  
It should also make life easier for anyone descending westwards from Beinn Morlugainn.
Weather was fine, with clear visibility.  Uphill from the bridge was a hard grind, but the higher ground gave easy walking.   Summit area very attractive with possibilities for some scrambling.   We descended down the south west ridge with lovely views out over the islands and Ardgour, and then had a road walk up to the car. 

This was the first time Andy has knowingly done a Graham.   Being on an unfrequented hill with no ready made paths, lovely views and summit rock scenery kindled a new enthusiasm.

An excellent day, with six hours of walking.   No stop for refreshments on the way home as Kevin had an important family celebration in the early evening.
Report by Fraser Gold