Log 21 Nov 2010


Kevin played his part as co-ordinator for the day by arriving at the car park with copies of the relevant map section, and an explanation of the proposed route, which was that given in the Corbett book.   He was not able to go himself, but ensured that the others had transport, and were happy with arrangements.

Donald offered to drive, and to make the crossover route possible, by going off to do another hill, and then go round to where the others would be coming down.   The others were Andy, Fraser and Dave K with Radleigh.  
At 9:15am the three were setting off from the start of the private road through the Edradynate Estate in clear conditions.  
The ascent was made easier by the tarmac through the lower farms, and then a well maintained road across the moors and past Loch Derculich with its impressive boat house.  

Views across the Perthshire countryside made this a pleasurable morning, and the ground was covered without the comparatively long approach being a drag.  
Once onto the steep approach to FARRAGON HILL, the ground was covered with the slightest sprinkling of frozen new snow, interspersed with banks of snow so frozen that it had no ‘give’ at all.  
The forecast cold easterly breeze was noticeable, and all the bigger hills in every direction had a real covering of snow.  
The summit was reached in 2 hours 30 minutes, well ahead of the guidebook time, and a sheltered spot allowed lunch to be taken in comfort.  
We dropped down to pick up the roadway leading to the barytes mine.   Since an earlier club visit, the mine has been greatly extended, with open cast pits filled with lurid green water.  
Also there are a number of huts which may be overnight provision for the workers during the week.  
The original underground mine entrance is still there, and we explored a little and took photographs.     
Radleigh spotted a hare in full winter white and took off in vain pursuit.  
The summit of MEALL TAIRNEACHAN was reached at the prearranged time of 1:30pm, to contact Donald.   He proved to be just approaching the summit, having parked his car, and come up to join us.

Donald recounted that he had had an icy drive through the Sma’ Glen in the morning, and had climbed a recently promoted Marilyn CREAG NA CRICHE (NN987352) overlooking Glen Shee.
He went to the top of Tairneachan, which we had just left, and then rejoined us on the downward path.   The car was reached at 2:50pm.   
As we were changing, a single walker came past and chatted.   We had noticed him on the skyline as we walked towards the mine.   He said that he had been ‘doing some Marilyn topping’.   Subsequently it turned out that he and Donald knew of each other without ever having met, through their contributions to Angry Corrie type publications, and Marilyn Hall of Fame records.

By way of a change, we stopped at Weem for a glass of Ossian before a lovely log fire.   What  a  treat to round off a day  in which we reached the car dry and in daylight, after enjoying clear views in all directions all day.   Well done Kevin and Donald.
Report by Fraser Gold