Log 21 Dec 2008


Ian G, Fraser, Kevin, Shaun, Donald, and Dave & Radley set off to rendezvous at the high point of the road south of Straiton. This allowed us to assess the weather and underfoot conditions in daylight. It was too bleak to walk over Shalloch on Minnoch and Merrick to the Bruce monument in Glen Trool. With wind gusting to 70mph and cloud base below 1500ft Plan B was adopted.

This involved driving down to Glen Trool and opting for a low level alternative, a round over Rigg of Jarkness and CRAIGLEE. This allowed us visibility for most of the day with only a 30 minute section close to the summit where cloud cover prevented us from seeing the lower outlines of the nearby higher hills.

Two false route starts and an interesting swollen burn crossing meant the round took approximately 5 hours - quite a long day for the shortest day!

Two not-so-pleasant aspects of the day were the final mile uphill to the cars and the guilt we felt for not helping at home just a few days before Christmas.
Last hill of the day was House o'Hill where we were greeted with a warm welcome by the barmaid.

Report by Donald Irvine