Log 20 May 2012

AN DUN 20 MAY 2012
Four Members, Derek McGaw, Koon Morris, Ron Dorn, and Fraser Gold set off from Milngavie at 7am, arriving at the starting point on the old A9 near Dalnacardoch Lodge at 09:00.
The clearing skies looked promising, and we were not disappointed, conditions were excellent all day.
We set off at 09:10 and cycled/pushed our way to Sronphadruig Lodge on a fairly good estate road, arriving at 10:30.
After a brief snack halt we set off directly up the steep Southern nose of AN DUN, finding conditions very dry underfoot, but finding the route description -(these 2 hills have some of the steepest slopes in Scotland)- very accurate.
Arrived at the Northern cairn circa 12:00, where some sunbathing then took place, with spectacular views to the snow laden Cairngorms, Ben Alder, what might have been the Fannaichs, and all points North, South, East and West.
We dropped steeply down to the loch outlet, and then steadily climbed what seemed the even steeper slopes of A CHAORINCH by various routes, arriving circa 14:00.
After another break at the large cairn on the county boundary to catch some rays, and with Koon suggesting that we might be better going South rather than West, (cough), we descended back to the lodge on easy walking ground. On the way down Koon and I disturbed what we presumed to be a nesting Peregrine falcon, which treated us to a noisy and spectacular display of aggressive flying.
Reaching the bikes, we found the going somewhat easier than the ascent, arriving back at the car 50 minutes later.  Time for walk was 5 hours.
Drinks were taken at the Moulin Hotel, return to Milngavie was 19:45.
An excellent day, and well worth a visit!
Report by Derek McGaw
Footnote on name of the second mountain.   The ridge over the crags which we descended is named on the OS map as Creag an Loch, the highest point on the plateau being unnamed, but given the name Maol Creag an Loch in the Corbett book.  The name given in the text above may appear in revised editions of the Corbett book or elsewhere. [Editor]