Log 20 July 2017

CONIC HILL - Thursday 20 July 2017
Although not on the weekend programme, this walk featured a number of ‘old faithfuls’ who were available to join our one time member and President for a walk on a brief visit to the area. 
It was also a very fine day for walking, visibility and chatting outside in the sunshine.  Mervyn sent us this message afterwards.
Thanks to Allan C,  Allan Reddie,  Fraser,  Billy,  Donald, Dave K, Bill P & Derek H who enjoyed the nostalgic hike up Conic Hill on Thursday in absolutely fantastic conditions with superb views in all directions.
It was 15 years since I climbed this iconic hill and it brought back many memories of past adventures with the illustrious MMC especially of the highland days and bothy nights.  
These were recounted and embellished after the walk at the Oak Tree Inn where copious amounts of fine beers and a sweetheart stout for Dave Kingswood were consumed.
Sadly one person missing from the day was my dear friend  "wee Jimmy ".   We will always remember his contribution to the club his happy smile his coconuts and his  "Singing in the rain".
Message and report from Mervyn French