Log 20 Jan 2008


11 of us turned up at the car park. As usual, there were decisions on which hill to climb. One group (Shirley, Jim, Jimmy, Stuart, Fraser, John Martin and Andy Baker) decided to climb the Brack and the other (Koon, Derek H, Malcolm, Dave K and Donald) climbed what was on the programme i.e. Beinn an Lochain.

Two cars were required and they parked in the first lay-by after Rest and Be Thankful. Steep climb all the way and ground conditions were good and not too boggy. Visibility was excellent until about 600m where it was very misty and blustery on exposed bits. At that height, snow condition was just enough for crampons and ice axes to be called for to climb up a couple of steep snow covered sections. Dave and Koon reached the summit in a couple of hours. Had a quick bite to eat and moved on to the next lower top. They decided to be sociable and traversed back to meet the others. Met Malcolm coming off the summit. They walked back to the summit and had more lunch hoping Derek and Donald would appear which they didn't, so they continued down (with a few speedy bum slides) and met them 20 mins later. Derek and Donald were keen to do a round trip and Koon the mug agreed to wait for them at the Rest and Be Thankful car park so that Derek wouldn't be late for his night out with his Mrs to some ice skating or dance show at SECC. Koon, Dave and Malcolm got back to the car about 1:30 pm, changed and drove up to the Rest and Be Thankful and sat patiently in the car. Guess how long they had to wait. Almost three hours! So, it was a very long day for a short walk. Derek agreed to buy a few rounds for Koon, Dave and Malcolm on the next outing because no one got to go to the pub!!!
Report from Koon Morris

P.S. from FG on the other group. Forestry road followed from the car park beside the main road, up to signposted ‘Access to The Brack’, which was a narrow and steep path beside a stream. Weather was not as good as forecast, but mainly mild, apart from cold wind in summit area. Snow on ground was rather wet. Descent to col between Brack and Donich was easy, and from then on a good track and the forestry road brought us back to the cars. 730m 10k 4 hours 35 minutes. Slow time due to FG struggling on the steep uphill. We did go to the pub, Village Inn, Arrochar.