Log 17 Jan 2016

PYKESTONE HILL - 17 January 2016

Alex, John, Donald, Fraser, Allan, Noelle, Kevin, Nigel and Keith headed south to Drumelzier to start the trek to Donald's final Donald. 
The sunny forecast didn't materialise but conditions were generally good with a temperature of -5 and clear visibility. 
A good track towards our hill was followed but it soon disappeared under a foot or two of soft snow making progress a bit laborious; unless of course snow shoes were used.  Alex cruised ahead wearing his and leaving many others trailing in his wake.  Perhaps a referral to the ethics committee is required? 

However 5 members did make it to The Scrape (719m) to tick off a subsidiary top before the celebrations (drams and Golden Grahams) on Pykestone Hill (737m). 
Almost immediately it started to snow and visibility disappeared requiring retreat to valley floor.
Further refreshment was had at the Cross Keys, Peebles, before returning home via Edinburgh.
It may have been the going underfoot, the road conditions or the pub conviviality or even all three but the return was a bit later than anticipated. 
Many thanks for your company and for breaking a trail through the snow.
Report by Donald Irvine