Log 16 March 2008


Seven members turned up at car park at 7.00am.
Kevin, Billy and Fraser decided to do the Creag Pitridh round.
Koon , Laurence,Iain and Dave opting for Creag Meagaidh.

Arrived at Aberarder Farm carpark at 9.50am via A9.
Excellent path taken into Coire Ardair arriving at foot of Raeburn's
gully at approximately 11.45am.Gully well filled with soft snow and ascent was
fairly straightforward except for last pitch where snow was frozen hard
and bit steeper. Axes and crampons were put to good use.
Top of gully was reached at 2.00pm and excellent views were available
all round. Traverse of the snow covered plateau was then made to summit
of Creag Meagaidh. From summit a descent was then made down to the
Window. Low cloud coming in reduced visibility to a few yards and
navigation became a bit tricky but Window was found without anyone
walking over the edge of the coire or ending up in the wrong coire  . 
From Window a descent was made down on steep soft snow back into Coire
Ardair. Arrived back at cars at 6.00pm.

Time taken   8.00 hrs
Weather      Mild and fair with low cloud on top at times.

Report by Dave Kingswood

The other three parked by the bridge at the start of the track leading into the three mountains. Kevin and Billy set off to do Beinn a’Chlachair, uncertain as to how long it would take with snow conditions underfoot, and therefore leaving any further options open. Fraser decided to do Craig Pitridh, and probably leave it at that. All three reached their respective summits at just before 2.00p.m. At that point a day, which had been mainly sunny and clear, became very murky, with a very cold wind, flecks of snow, and very poor visibility. This lasted for less than half an hour, and at 3.00 p.m. Kevin and Billy set off to tackle Geal Charn. Underfoot conditions, and a further deterioration in visibility made the progress slow and tiring. By the time they reached Kevin’s car it was 7.00p.m. and rain had set in. Their time was exactly 9 hours. Fraser reached the car two hours earlier, having had a leisurely walk back, with two stops sitting in the sun admiring the views.

Report by Fraser Gold