Log 15 Nov 2008


Saturday 15 Nov
- An attempt to do the A'Chir ridge by Koon, Noelle, Craig and Malcolm was foiled by extreme gusts of wind and very wet mist i.e. rain. So instead, they climbed Beinn Tarsuinn and descended Beinn Nuis.

Sunday 16 Nov - An attempt to do the Witch's Step by Koon, Noelle and Malcolm was abandoned after both Malcolm and Koon failed to get onto the famous slab!! Not the most productive weekend for the aspiring climbers! Oh well. Another trip to Arran beckons.

Report by Koon Morris


Saturday 15 November.   Fraser, Sue and Rhona were set down by Derek at Sannox, and set off to do a traverse of the Goat Fell range back to Brodick.   The wind in Glen Sannox was very strong, and walking up through fairly deep heather made us discuss alternatives. 

Fortunately the scramble up onto CIOCH NA H-OIGHE was sheltered from the wind, if a bit cold and wet.   The next section of ridge is narrow and also has some scrambling, and we were exposed to the wind again, causing us to take care.   The wide approach to North Goat Fell was mainly sheltered, but suddenly threw the worst wind combined with rain and hail at us around 3.00 p.m. so we cut our losses and descended by the corrie to Corrie, where Derek picked us up at the hotel bar.

Sunday 16th.  Sue and Rhona set off from Corrie for Goat Fell, descending to Brodick.  Fraser went with Malcolm?s party, and set off with them up North Glen Sannox.  He diverged to the left before the steeper ascent to the foot of the Witch's Step and had a leisurely stroll over FERGUS' SEAT, descending by the fairly gentle ridge down to the glen path.   The day was far calmer, mainly beautifully sunny, but decidedly cold on the higher ground.
Many thanks to Derek for his organisation and his help in facilitating our various efforts.

Report by Fraser Gold