Log 15 May 2016

DAER Round - Sunday 15 May 2016

Daer 6, not 7 round
Jon M, John B, Eunice, Alex and Lily the 3 year old golden retriever, met at Kirkhope Farm carpark, at the bottom of the Daer Reservoir on the Southern Uplands Way, at 08:30 on a sunny Sunday.    We quickly ascended Rodger Law to the trig point, dropped our sacs and walked to and from Comb Law.    Thereafter easy walking onto Ballencleuch Law, Scaw'd Law and Glenleith Fell for lunch.    Steep pull up a well made track to Wedder Law then over Shiel Dod.     Then two drops and regain of height  for both Gana and Earncraig hills.  Weather throughout was overcast/ sunny, light winds and with great visibility.   The moorland was bone dry.   We all decided not to continue to Queensberry so walked back to the car, over the slowly falling ridge of Lamb Hill, Over Law and Nether Law, for 17:00. 
The day's stats were: 6 Donalds, including 1 Graham, and 2 Donald Tops; 24km; 1000m ascent/ descent and 8 1/2 hours on the hill.
A great day out, on quiet hills in perfect weather.
Report by Alex Maclennan