Log 15 July 2012

Having fulfilled his role as co-ordinator for the day, Andy decided not to go.  
The weather forecast did indeed look unpromising, but recent weather conditions on the north west coast had been dry, and so there was some hope.
Malcolm and Ron carried two bikes in the car,   Fraser took Dave and Donald.
Dave dumped his change of clothing in woodland near the road at the junction of the private road under the viaduct.   He was then dropped off to make a traverse of SGURR AN UTHA and Fraoch-bheinn. The rendezvous was to be the Hotel by the lochside.   Dave had cloudy damp conditions with visibility of 100 metres or more, but it cleared as he descended.   He reached the hotel about 20 minutes before Donald and Fraser.
Donald was keen to explore the ‘little’ hill MEALL A’BHAINNE and its environs, so the car was parked at the beginning of the road to Callop, and we walked around the roadway on the north side of the hill, diverting to see recently waymarked vantage points, and the fine new wooden bridge from the Visitor Centre to link up with the  old road to Guesachan. ( Potentially a useful short cut for those wishing to make the round of the two Corbetts  on that side.)  We then took advantage of recent clear felling to take us south and uphill to a fairly narrow band of forest, and out onto the steep and rough open hillside.   A short distance further on we would have emerged onto a band of steep crags.  After some rise and fall and weaving through crags, we reached Meall na h-Airidh whence a steep and considerable drop led us onto the slope to the summit.   We were below the cloud, and had spells of sunshine and some light showers.   The view from the top was outstanding in all directions.  
Descent was made to Callop, and then back to the car.  The hillsides on the eastern flank were gentler and grassy.  Both tops must have been named by people on that side, as the opposite side would not support pasture or milking.  No paths, but a fine hill.
Report by Fraser Gold

The curate's egg was good in parts unlike our visit to Gulvain!

Fleeing from midge attack, Ron and Malcolm bicycled up Glean Fionnlighe to the foot of the hill, from where a path led steeply over the south top to the summit. On return we detoured on the eastern flank for relief from the vicious cold wind and driving rain that battered us for most of the day. Insult was added to injury by the summit's remaining clear(ish) though too cold and wet for us to linger and appreciate the sunshine in the glens below. On reaching our bikes, needless to say, we watched the sun disappear to be replaced by more rain until back at the car (c.6 hours), where the sun reappeared as we hastily packed and headed to the Glenfinnan Hotel for a consolation pint. The others had gone. There must be a moral to this but it escapes me just now.

Footnote: A mountain bike is VERY helpful for this walk, though the track is rough and some pushing was needed in both directions. A Landrover would be even better.
Report by Malcolm Hodgins

Dropped off by Fraser and Donald on A830 at OS map ref NM 875 817 approx 2km West of Glenfinnan.
Started walking at 10:20am up Land Rover track (not marked on my map) for about 3/4 km, left track when it turns NE and crossed bridge over Alt an Utha (not marked on map).  Turned North West and headed for summit which was reached in 2 hrs.
Descended to Glenfinnan via Fraoch-bheinn arriving back at road at 14:40pm.
Fraser and Donald joining me at Glenfinnan Hotel 20min later.

Total time taken 4hrs 30min
Weather - low cloud above 400m light wind with occasional showers, visibility 100m.
Distance- 7km approx
Report by Dave K