Log 14 Sept 2008

TORRIDON WEEKEND  12 to 14 September 2008

In summary, these walks were covered during the weekend.

Friday 12th    IW, DH and CF tackled Maol Cheann Dearg and KM, KMo, and LA travelled by the A9 and diverted to Bynack Mor.

Saturday 13th   KMo and LA traversed Liathach.   DI. AC, CF and KM did Beinn an Eoin and Baosbheinn, starting with DK, who diverted to make a long traverse over Baosbheinn and Beinn Dearg.

IW and SW were on Beinn Eighe, walking in to Coire Mhic Fhearchair and claiming both Munro summits, then descending to the road as the weather changed.

Sunday 14th  AC, DI, KMo, and DK did An Ruagh Meallan, a Graham just to the west of Beinn Alligan.

More detailed accounts of some of these walks follow


On Friday 12 September, Derek H., Craig Fulton and Iain Wilson left Glasgow circa 07:30 and travelled up the West coast via Fort William and Kintail to Loch Carron. Our hill was Maol Cheann Dearg (Hereafter referred to as MCD ). We arrived at the tiny hamlet of Coulags in dry and pleasant weather with little or no wind and were soon the object of attention of the local midges. We walked in along a well marked track to a well preserved bothy (Fionnarich ) noting the prominent "forefinger" pinnacle that is known as "Clach nan Con-Fionn" where the legendary warrior is supposed to have tethered his hunting dogs. We paused for a break at the bothy before turning west and ascending an excellent track to the bealach between Meall nan Ceapairean (a top) and MCD. The ascent from this bealach goes up a stony path, with some small bits of scrambling to a series of wide plateaux and a final grind to the summit field. A stunning vista awaits the visitor on a clear day. Alligan, Liathach and Eighe form a magnificent primeval rampart which looks insurmountable from this point: to the South west Skye and the Cuillins are clearly visible as are the Rum Cuillins.   We identified Harris to the north west and a view was had to Moruisg and Sgurr na Ceannaichean to the East. The summit was spoiled only by a party of noisy Welsh people who were heard long before they were seen. Midges and the highland "Gloaming" urged us to our descent and we reached the car at around 21:30 pm, tired and hungry but having enjoyed an excellent hill day. We arrived at Torridon YH at 22:15 pm.

Report by Iain Wilson

Round of BEINN AN EOIN and BAOSBHEINN  Saturday 13th

Parked car on A832 at tin hut 18k NW of  Kinlochewe at Am Feur Loch.

Donald, Craig, Allan and Kevin and DK started down track SE at 9.40am.
After 2.5k Dave parted the scene and branched right heading for Baosbheinn.
Rest of group continued south to highest point on track close to Loch na h-Oidhche before making for north-west ridge and ascent of Beinn an Eoin.
Summit reached rather late at 1.45pm and then proceeded to descend east to bothy. At this point we lost contact with Craig who descended in a more southerly direction.

The bothy was reached at approx. 3pm and Craig was spotted further south heading  as we thought for the Baosbheinn ridge.  The bothy was in excellent condition providing running water and a supply of dried food for those in need of overnight sustenance. plus twin bed accommodation upstairs.  Most impressive of all was the free bar which provided Allan with a supply of excellent cider and Donald with a can of Deucher's beer.  (see photos). Too much time was spent enjoying the hospitality and as a consequence it was not until 4pm that we were heading for the south-easterly ridge of Baobheinn, having wrongly made the assumption that Craig was well on his way to summiting Baosbheinn.
Slow progress ascending Baosbheinn resulted in a 7pm summit and consequently we had to make a direct easterly descent to the track rather than our initial intent of completing the ridge.  It was almost dark when we reached the track at 8pm. The walk out in the dark took approx. 1.5 hours and we arrived back at the A830 at 9.30pm. Craig had been waiting since 6.30pm as he had in fact decided to head south along the Loch na h-Oidhche track directly back to the car.

Reached the Youth hostel by 10pm and then some of us rather overindulged in the amber water with consequences to pay. Great weekend was had by all.

Report by Kevin Murray


Parked car on A832 at tin hut 18k NW of Kinlochewe at Am Feur Loch.
Donald, Craig, Allan and Kevin and DK started down track SE at 9.40am.
After 2.5k I branched of left heading for Baosbheinn following yellow marker post to good bridge across river.  Baosbheinn was traversed from north to south, the southern end being reached at 2.00 pm.  Going South the bealach between Alligan and Beinn Dearg was reached. From here Beinn Dearg was traversed from East to West to Carn na Feola arriving at 6.40
pm.  Descent was made to the path which leads down to Coire Mhic Nobuil car park.
Arrived back at hostel 9.30pm after 4k road walk.

Total time taken approx 11.5hrs
Distance approx 31k
Weather clear to 3.00pm then misty with poor visibility the rest of the day.

Report from Dave Kingswood