Log 13 March 2016

BEINN AN DOTHAIDH - Sunday 13 March 2016
Eunice, John B, Rob and Fraser met at 07:00 in Milngavie.  Dave K turned up to hand over some gear for the proposed climb up WEST GULLY, BEINN AN DOTHAIDH, but he could've had a long lie as conditions weren't good.
A week-long thaw with heavy rain had left very wet, unstable, soft snow slopes.   The SAIS avalanche warning for nearby slopes with the same aspect as the gully was "considerable".
On arrival at the hill, our decision was confirmed by the presence of avalanche debris in the corrie.   We instead climbed the north-west ridge to the summit.  At the top of the gully, the cornice was sagging and breaking away from the hill - it was all pretty dodgy looking.
We passed over the south summit and dropped into the bealach with Beinn Achaladair for lunch.   We arrived back at the car for 14:00, about 5.5 hours after setting off.
It was a pleasant route up the hill in calm conditions with decent visibility, which kind of made up for the disappointment of not getting our climb.
Fraser had opted for a walk along the glen rather than the Munro.   He arrived back at the car almost exactly at the same time as the others.  (Report below)
Report by Robert Wight

My intention was to walk up the glen, then use the footbridge at NN 353 468 to get into Coirean Lochain, thence perhaps to get onto the broad ridge leading to Beinn a’Chreachain.   This changed to a commission to inspect the state of the bridge.   All that is left is two flimsy box’girders’ which once would have held the deck.  Fragments of deck lay on the opposite bank, there was nothing of any handrail, and the girders not only sagged, but had distinct folds at the lowest point, indicating that the metal had cracked or sheared through.   I pressed on up the track to Gorton, an MBA bothy in good condition.   Lovely scenery in fine weather and just enough undulation to keep a degree of hill fitness.    
Report by Fraser Gold