Log 13 April 2008

BEN STARAV – 13 April 2008

Lawrence ,Koon and Billy met at the car park at 7am as per programme and
discussed various possibilities for the days outing.
As Buchaille Etive Mor was mentioned, Billy suggested that we might do North
Buttress or Curved Ridge. Eventually we decided on Ben Starav, a striking
mountain at the bottom of Glen Etive.The snow level was around 600 metres
but there was no need for crampons etc.We reached the summit(1078 metres) at
12.25 taking 3 hours which surprisingly enough is the 'book time.'
The views were absolutely stunning, especially when we looked down towards
Ben Cruachan and up towards the Sound of Mull etc.We then made our way down
to a short but interesting arrete with the notion that we might take in
Beinn nan Aighenan, a remote hill to the south.

Common sense prevailed , and rucksacks were left at the col and we 'jogged'
up  and down Beinn nan Aighenan with a new found sense of freedom. The
weather throughout the day was excellent with the exception of a period of
hailstones the size of golf balls(Masters reference).

Time was running on and Glas Bheinn Mhor was rapidly losing its appeal so we
headed back to the car.The tranquillity of the day was disturbed by flashing
lights, sirens and herds of deer running in every direction in sheer panic.
Had some youngsters started a 'Rave' down in the Glen........no......Koon
had opened Lawrence's car with the spare key and set of the alarm.  Time
taken - 9 hours.

Wish you all had been there!!!

Report by Billy McIsaac