Log 12 june 2010


Iain Wilson, Donald Irvine and Fraser Gold met in the car park for the trip to the Glenfinnan area.   Iain had arranged to meet a guest, Julie McLean, at Crianlarich on the way up as she was keen to attempt the round of the two Munros, Sgurr nan Coireachean and Sgurr Thuilm.   Iain drove.

Donald and Fraser opted to go for Mullach nan Geur-oirean.  This is a somewhat remote Graham and is in fact a continuation of the North East ridge of the Munro, Gulvain.  
I will let Fraser recount his trip with Donald.

Iain and Julie (duly collected at Crianlarich Youth Hostel at 08:15am) dropped Donald and Fraser off at Fassfern and proceeded to the car park at the Glenfinnan viaduct.
Weather was dry, breezy and somewhat cloudy.   The breeze ensured that we were midge-free on our walk-in.   
We met a couple of ladies on the way in, but for a Saturday in June (DRY) the hill was surprisingly quiet. 
We ascended SGURR THUILM and made use of the excellent footpath all the way to the summit.  
My last visit here was some 8 years ago with the club and we were blessed with superb views and excellent weather.   
This time we certainly had the views although the weather remained dull all day.  
We continued our traverse to SGURR NAN COIREACHAN, by far the rockier of these 2 peaks.  
It is easy to forget how much the connecting ridge undulates between these 2 summits.  
At one point it drops to around 700 metres, a fact not clearly indicated on the OS map!!  A long drag along the east ridge of the hill saw us on the summit.

An uneventful walk out had us back at the car park for 7pm and a rendezvous with Donald and Fraser at Fassfern.

Continuing Iain's account, it has to be noted that with a good forecast, Donald announced at the car park that a map would not be needed.  
Fraser was up for Gulvain, and Donald mentioned that there was a "wee hill" just behind it, which would allow an exploration of Gulvain's north east corrie.  
He had read somewhere of a new estate road from Fassfern which led towards this hill, and made a good alternative to the normal cycle approach from Loch Arkaig.  
An approach from the track to Gulvain would have been better, involving less up and down.   
Suffice to say that we took a forest walk track on the west side of Gleann Suileag which did not lead to a path out onto open hillside, but to a tangle of closely planted conifers, and then a traverse to the col south of the Graham Aodann Chleirich  (Parson's Cheek, which end of his anatomy a subject of debate). 
A steep but easy descent through open native woodland took us to the floor of the glen below Gulvain.  
Although there was little recognisable track, the long walk up the glen was beautiful, and allowed views of the slabby corrie Donald wished to see.  
There was also the view of the "wee hill" far ahead. 
Ascent was not difficult, involving crossing the remains of a boundary wall beyond Gulvain.  
The final approach on short turf led to the tiniest cairn ever seen.  
MULLACH NAN GEUR-OIREAN  seems to be so hidden and remote that it shows no sign of  human activity, but to-day offered fine views in every direction.  
We had a 15 minute break to enjoy a connoisseur's reflection, but after 5 hours 30 minutes fast walking to get there, we set off down.  
The "new estate road" is a very rough hewn stone track over the col between Meall a' Phuibill and Aodann Chleirich, and we opted for this way back to Fassfern.  
The last 5 or 6 km down to the car park would be cycleable.  We also made the car park at 7:00 p.m.   

Report by Iain Wilson and Fraser Gold