log 11 oct 2010


Koon, Noelle, Iain G, Fraser, and Laurence left Milngavie at 7:00am for Glenshee, with forecast of low cloud and light winds, although this was due to clear as the day progressed. 

They set out from the ski centre at 9.45 and half an hour later had reached their first Munro (is there any justice in this, you may hear Munro baggers cry!) of CARN AOSDA, 917m.   
The wind was cool, and a combination of low and high level clouds were interspersed with sun, giving a changing panorama, beautiful to see.   
A quick drop to the well sculptured track (ski run) was followed by a pull up to CAIRNWELL, 933m.   
This is quite an exposed spot and the cool wind reminded us not to be complacent about the vagaries of our weather.

Another drop back to the bealach east of Loch Vrotachan, and 4Km along tracks via a top of Carn nan Sac, 920m, to the final Munro of CARN A GHEOIDH, 975m, for 11.45 - yes 3 Munros in 3 hours! 

Surprisingly the wind had dropped, the sky had cleared, and a wide panorama opened up and sunbathing became the order of the day.

Drivers Iain and Laurence took in some more rays before retracing their steps to the car park, while the others headed south to follow a ridge back to Spittal of Glenshee,   The broad ridge undulated gently above Creag Lamhaich, mainly on short heather, and on a section of newly created estate road.   
Stags bayed on both sides, ptarmigan and black grouse took flight at our approach, and a number of mountain hares added interest.   
The descent to the glen just to the north of Ben Gulabin was above a wooded gorge with many waterfalls.

Both groups timed their descents to arrive at the hotel for 3:30, a quick beer, then home for 6:30 - and some red faces on Monday.

Report by Laurence Archer