Log 10 Mar 2013


John, Donald, Eunice, Fraser and Phil set off in one car, with pleasant flurries of snow falling in Milngavie. The skies brightened the further north we got.  
We dropped Fraser off at the Kingshouse Hotel, and continued to the car park 6 miles further on.
The plan was to climb Bidean nam Bian and Stob Coire Sgreamhach.  It was a lovely clear day, but the cold NE wind boded ill.  
We ascended Coire nan Lochan, and crossed the plateau to the North ridge of Stob Coire nan Lochan.  The wind at this point became severe.
The snow was very hard, and there was some doubt whether an ice axe arrest would work.  
After some discussion, we decided to die another day, and not continue up the ridge.  
We traversed over to the East ridge with thoughts of dropping into Coire Gabhail.  
However, nothing looked attractive, so we returned the way we came.  
The benefit was that we had an extra hour in the Kingshouse bar waiting for Fraser, who had also modified his walk because of the wind.

Thanks to John for driving.
Report by Phil Barlow

Fraser adds

Intended walk was Beinn a’Chrulaiste, Meall  Bhalach and Meall nan Ruadhag.   
Out of the wind, following the stream up to the start of the corrie was idyllic.
But about 150 metres short of the summit of Chrulaiste it became impossible to stand in the wind, so I retreated, picking up a father and son from Bearsden who were giving up.   
They accompanied me up to the col and over Bhalach, then went down.    
Facing into the wind, even as it had calmed somewhat, and tramping over frozen peat hags was somewhat tiresome, but the descent from Ruadh was much easier, and the estate road was in excellent repair.   
Return was rapid as the wind was now behind, and had picked up again.   
A very worthwhile exercise in the conditions, beautiful to look at, but a bit challenging.