Log 10 Jan 2010

Lake of Menteith - 10 January 2010

Five of us set off this morning, Allan (driver), Donald, Anisia, Sue and myself.

We parked on the side of the main road on the Aberfoyle side of Port of Menteith near the fish hatchery, and nervously set foot on the ice, which was very solid, but with a fairly heavy covering of snow. Compared with my 1979 trip where the ice had been transparent, this year’s ice was much “whiter”, with the occasional clear patch where something, or body, had gone through the ice.

The Lake was very busy, with many hundreds of people on it, some with sledges,(some pulled by excited dogs), skates, and even, a snowboard with a kite, being used.

We visited the small island with the Castle first, then onto Inchmahome itself, then to Port of Menteith, where delicacies such as Venison Burgers, and Wild Boar sausages were available, as well as a new experience for us all, Mulled Cider.  There was also the occasional sound of a piper, though it could be said that the cold weather was affecting the tuning somewhat ...

We observed numerous curling competitions, the game seems to consist of have a whisky, (or two), throw some stones, have a whisky, then another, and then shake hands and have a whisky.  This might be a suitable game for more senior club members, though the throwing stones bit might usefully be curtailed to save energy.

We returned via the islands again, and were successful in finding the only thin ice on the whole Lake, it’s amazing how fast people can run when the ice cracks.!

All in all and excellent trip, with good company, no one lost, and a new record minimum height gain for a Club day out.!

Pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.com/munroskh/LakeOfMenteith#

Derek McGaw