Log 10 Feb 2019

BEINN AN LOCHAIN - Sunday 10 February 2019

Nick, Allan G and Kevin set off from Milngavie at just after 08:00 for the Arrochar Alps, to climb the Corbett, Beinn an Lochain.
We started the walk from a lay-by just south of Butterbridge, ascending via the NE ridge. The weather was rather cloudy, a SW wind, occasional snow flurries with sunshine trying to break through at times.
It was pleasant climbing the ridge up a series of rocky/grassy/snowy steps.   Higher up, crampons were donned and ice axes out, in full winter conditions; a true feeling of winter mountaineering!
Unfortunately, the summit was in cloud, so no view.   After a brief stop, we descended, on a southerly bearing initially and then east down steep ground to the Rest and be Thankful.   Just before we got there, we came across a couple of guys who were heading up Beinn an Lochain, seemingly lacking awareness and ill equipped for winter conditions.   We had a brief chat with them and they decided to abandon the idea and have a go at climbing Beinn Donnich instead.   
It was doubtful whether they would have made the summit, but at least they would be following a good path.
We walked along the road back to the car, at which point it started to rain.   

Overall, a good winter day out, albeit a fairly short outing, around four hours in total.    
This was followed by refreshments in the Village Inn, Arrochar.
Report by Nick Harrington