Log 1 Sept 2013

SUNDAY 1 SEPTEMBER 2013, not the planned GREY CORRIES but

Alex Maclennan, Fraser Gold, Robert Wight: John Berry, Eunice Coop, and Ron Dorn met at the car park.   Originally planned to go to Grey Corries but low cloud, gale force winds and driving rain was forecast.    John Berry suggested a low level walk here so we compromised on the two Corbetts of CREAG MAC RANAICH and MEALL AN T-SEALLAIDH.

We parked at Edinchip just past Balquhidder Station and got onto the Glen Kendrum track.   Left the track to traverse on moorland under Creag MacRanaich onto the north end of the ridge bypassing Meall Sgallachd.    It was very windy especially on the top and during the steep descent.   Most of  the neighbouring hills were covered by low cloud.   Fraser and Ron elected to return to the cars following the track down the glen.   The other four ascended a rake below Cam Chreag and then onto the trig point and cairn of Meall an t-Seallaidh.   Fantastic view over Braes of Balquhidder from a cairn on a rocky bluff to the south.    We then followed the broad ridge, still in high winds, till we cut towards the forest.   Unpleasant greasy steep muddy slopes through bracken, then an easy walk back to the cars and arrived 20 to 30 minutes after Fraser and Ron.   Total time for walk 5 hours 30 minutes.

Pint in the Lade Inn and home.
Report by Alex Maclennan